Week 1

Well, here we are then. A prediction league like no other! Unless you’ve downloaded the same Excel template as me, in which case the similarities are probably quite striking. Extricating ourselves from the genuine festival of shyte that was the “I know the score” website (not to mention the unimaginably terrible app), we find ourselves at the mercy of a spreadsheet concocted by some random person or collection of persons. Given the amount of “#REF!”s and “#N/A”s I’ve already had to unpick, this is shaping up to be a long season…

To the football, then, and we begin our weekend in the loving embrace of our friends by the river, Fulham. I manage to sabotage what would have been a diamond clean sweep by predicting a draw, clearly not remembering how terrible Fulham were 2 years ago. In fairness, our recent opening day results have been: WLWLLWL, that last L a memorable 3-1 home defeat to Villa in 2013, plus Arsenal’s away record in the last few years has been abysmal. So in a way, I was more right than you all. Nobody got the correct GD here.

A trip to Selhurst Park sees us enjoy our first brown sweep of the year, nobody predicting a home win. We bounce back at Anfield with a clean sweep, though nobody got the 4-3 score exactly right. Jez was closest with a 3-2 call. Damo saves us from the ignominy of another brown sweep in week 1 by being the only one to get the West Ham-Newcastle outcome correct, getting the GD right with a 3-1 punt on the Mags. Everyone bar me went for the draw.

Only me and Jez failed to see Leicester getting past West Brom. Everyone else had Leicester by the odd goal, Robin audaciously banking on Brodge bringing home the bacon. I was the only one to correctly predict Everton’s comedy beating of Spurs. It’s another unfortunate brown sweep at Brammall Lane, with 6 of the 7 players opting for the draw, and the other punt was a home win.

And finally, we end with a clean sweep at the Amex, with everyone correctly predicting a win for No Legs Lampard and co. Rob, Dave and Robin all got the score exactly right, with Dave’s banker giving him a juicy 14 points to end the week.

Brad Guzan moment of the week:

Playing it out from the back of the week:

I bloody love MLS. Dave is our early pace setter at the end of gameweek 1.


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