Predictions 14-16 May

I think Spurs-Wolves was the hardest to call this week. Wolves have a decent away record there and if they’re on it, their pressing can upset Tottenham like Leeds’s did last week. I don’t see it being a high scoring game, but as we approach the end of season Vortex of Insanity, anything is possible. Everton-Sheffield Utd feels like the immovably shite home record vs the irresistably shite team.

Predictions 7-10 May

I’m backing Leicester to overcome their dreadful home form and see off Newcastle, and I feel Spurs have momentum and a non-Mourinho bounce. If anyone can stop City in a one-game vacuum, it’s Chelsea, but I think Tuchel won’t be playing his best hand before the CL final. Been burned by a few failed Jurgens this season, but Saints have been so, so poor. I’m hoping Man Utd’s schedule means they’ll take Villa somewhat lightly. We’ll lose to West Brom, cos it’s what we do.

Predictions 30 Apr-3 May

Mostly I feel West Ham are going to make me regret putting my faith in them. Also dipping my toe into some F***ing Spurs Failed Banker waters. Arsenal haven’t been good lately so I’m hoping to jinx them into life by predicting a loss at recently-lively Newcastle. Hoping Chelsea’s eye will be on the Champions League ball instead of the Premier League ball.

Predictions 23-26 April

Tough round this week. Leno’s already cost me dearly with that howler. Should have seen it coming as well, last time I was reading about Arsenal’s amazing home record against a specific team, it was against Burnley, and history just went and repeated itself. Cheers, history, you wanker. I think last time I banked on Leicester they got battered by Leyton Orient or someone shite. Don’t mess it up this time, lads!